What’s Best for Your Small Business: Accounting or Bookkeeping

The terms Bookkeeping and Accounting are generally used interchangeably in the business world. Actually, their actual definitions vary considerably in terms of job function and work skill. As a small business owner, it is very important to know the difference between the two functions to decide which will be most advantageous for your small business. Keep in mind that all accountants can perform bookkeeping roles, but not all bookkeepers will have the knowledge to manage the whole accounting process.

Role of Your Bookkeeper

Your bookkeeper is best used to enter financial data, prepare cash flow forecasts and provide you with reports so that you can abstract the information you have to make significant business decisions. Your bookkeeper can help you prepare your BAS statement as well and carry out end-of-year processes to allow your accounts to be transferred to the next fiscal year. In addition, some of the best bookkeepers can help you with more technical problems, but you’ll want to make sure they know what they are doing before they start playing with your process.

Role of Your Accountant

Your Accountant, to whom you would pay more than double the amount more per hour, is best used as a high-level advisor. Use the first to help you define the right structural configuration for your business and use them to advise the best format for your chart of accounts as well. On the other hand, you can then pass this data to your accountant to maintain it continuously. Check here.

Regular Contact with Your Accountant

I would recommend keeping a regular contact with your accountant: you can usually do so by sending a copy of your reports so they can see where you are going from month to month. Just depending on the size of your business, you could set up regular meetings, either monthly or quarterly, to talk about these reports and your economic plans for the next month. In addition, use your accountant to verify BAS statements that your accountant has prepared, and if you use them to file those returns, you can usually get extensions on the payment dates. Of course, some of the bookkeepers who have a business of their own also have this talent.

Which Is Right for Your Small Business?

Hiring Bookkeeping and Accounting staff for a small business just depend on some factors. If your business processes transactions without complications, a bookkeeper can handle the maintenance of financial records in combination with an online accounting program. This is an excellent option for a small business looking to save money and time in the initial start-up phase; however, it can be expensive if you hire more help during the tax season.

When accounting processes enhance in complexity as a business grows, a certified accountant may be required. Especially this is true in the case of more regulated businesses, such as financial institutions or health care. The benefits of hiring an accountant include full-time financial advice and tax preparation at the end of the year but often have a higher price. For more details, visit: http://bookkeeperco.com.au/bookkeeper/

Should Your Bookkeeper be a Technophile?

When you are going to hire your bookkeeper, should she be a technophile? This is the one question that many business owners are asking. There are a couple of things that you should consider before you can really answer this question. It is important that you are making sure that you know and consider everything before you can decide on the type of bookkeeper that you are going to hire:

Should she be a technophile?

Before you are hiring one of the bookkeepers in Melbourne, you might wonder if being a technophile is a requirement to look for. The answer really simple no. However, if you can find one that knows her way around computers and other technology, then it won’t hurt your company.

It is great to have a bookkeeper where you can make sure that she will be able to get her way around the software that you are using for maintaining the books and other administrative tasks. It can also be a great help when she can repair the computer when something went wrong with the system or program.

Why is this a great idea?

Now that you know that this isn’t a requirement, you might still want to know why it is a great idea to be able to have a bookkeeper that is a technophile. This is because of many different reasons.

Just think how things will be running in the office if your bookkeeper doesn’t know how to use a computer and some of the other technology that you might use in the office. It is going to be chaos and you will need to spend time with her, to learn her step by step how everything is working. With someone that knows her way around computers, this won’t be necessary and you will be able to get things back to normal really fast with a new bookkeeper.

Other things that you should consider when hiring a bookkeeper

Being a technophile might not be a requirement, but what is important to consider when you are hiring a bookkeeper in Melbourne. The first thing is that you should make sure that she has the right experience in bookkeeping and that she has a knowledge about the business. She must also be trustworthy and reliable at all times and should be able to work under pressure.

Sometimes it might be the best to outsource your bookkeeping to a bookkeeping company to ensure that everything is running smoothly with your business.

There are many things that you should consider when you are hiring a bookkeeper for your business. The one question that many are asking is if she should be a technophile and knows her way around computers. This can be a benefit for the office, but this isn’t something that you should look for in a bookkeeper. She should just be experienced and able to work on a computer. Bookkeepers in Melbourne should be able to use any software that you might have in the office, without making mistakes of messing the whole system up.

Five Questions To Ask BEFORE Hiring A Bookkeeper

Bookkeeping for your business is important, often overlooked, piece to your business success. Sooner or later business owners realise that they need to get better financial controls in their business and they set out to look for bookkeeper services that can improve their business finances.

Here are 5 questions to ask (in no particular order).

What is their experience Level?

What kind of experience does the potential bookkeeper or bookkeeping service have?This is as much a question of how long the bookkeeping service has been doing bookkeeping as much as what kind of knowledge and qualifications they have. Make sure you can assess their knowledge as well as the ability to verify the certifications that they have.

How often will they be able to report?

In today’s business environment, you need reporting at the tip of your fingers to be able to make quick and informed decisions. With a bookkeeper, you need to know how often they will update your books. Will it be daily, weekly or monthly? What would you prefer?

How is your data protected?

This is an often-overlooked piece to hiring a bookkeeping service. I have talked with several business owners who lost critical financial data for their business simply because their bookkeeper didn’t find it necessary to back up their work. You can’t afford a mistake like this so make sure you find out how your information is secured and stored.

Do they have a backup plan?

What if you hire a bookkeeper and they are injured and out of work for a significant period? Even more, I am sure your bookkeeper will need a vacation at some point. What will you do then? Does your bookkeeper have the ability to work remotely? All of these questions must be answered before you proceed with a bookkeeping service. You are too busy to look for someone in the spur of the moment.

What type of reporting is available for your business?

Some bookkeepers will do your books and leave it at that. Is that going to be good enough for your business? We talked about thefrequency in question 2, but that is an irrelevant question if they don’t report at all. Make sure you know if your bookkeeping service provides reports and if so, what type of reports they provide.

Like I said at the beginning, bookkeeping is an important service for your business. As a business owner, you have to know the score at all times. Make sure that before you enter into a bookkeeping relationship, you answer the above five questions. Your business will thank you for it.


Business owners can tell you some horror stories about hiring the wrong bookkeeper service for their business. From incorrect numbers that lead to tax issues to slow reporting and even fraud, the cost of getting your books done incorrectly can be devastating, that is why due care must be applied. If you are thinking about hiring a bookkeeper, the tips will be of help. http://www.bookkeeperco.com.au

Elevate Your Professional Look

When it comes to doing business, appearances are everything. After all, money moves fast, and so you have to size up your competition, your partners, and your clients very quickly, and they’ll be doing the same with you. Therefore, the micro first impression prior to the first word of the first conversation is very important. As such, maintaining a professional appearance and demeanor are essential when money changes hands. While you might love the Knicks, there’s no place in the office for your baseball cap from Lids. A professional look starts with semi formal attire, and that’s where you need to stay. They call it a business suit for a reason, after all. However, there are also opportunities to break away from the pack and create a unique presence to help you stand out and also boost your overall charisma. Here are a few tips to bring your professional look to the next level.

Again, the suit is the “uniform” of the business world. And, we typically thing of a black suit and tie with a white shirt. This is fine, adequate, serviceable. However, we can do better. Try to stick to a neutral tone for your suit, such as brown, grey, some less saturated blues, etc. You could also employ different textures or patterns. For example, a brown, corduroy blazer is a classic. Another solid idea is a navy blue suit with off white pin stripes. While you’re still staying relatively tame, straying away from simple black and white outfits will do wonders to help you stand out from the crowd.

When it comes to shirts, socks, and ties, you have more freedom available. For example, many dress shirts in professional settings end up being quite vibrant. For example, say you have a blue suit. In that case, one way to make a truly compelling look is to use a yellow shirt, and pairing a lighter yellow with a darker blue makes the look even more striking. This is because yellow and blue are opposite, or complementary, colors that make each pop. Bonus points is you match your yellow shirt with yellow socks. When it comes to ties, the sky’s the limit. Loud and wacky ties are somewhat of a rite of passage in the business world, so feel free to go nuts. However, more reserved specimens work, as well.

Tips on Basic Bookkeeping

Do you or someone you know run their own business. If you have a small business of your own them you probably are aware of the vital importance of bookkeeping. But, if you are like most people, you avoid anything that deals with paper work, money, bills and accounts. You might be great at building your business and getting customers but when it comes to bookkeeping, many fail to make the grade. In order to have a clear financial picture of what is going on in your business you need to know at least the basics of bookkeeping. Basic BookkeepingBasic bookkeeping tasks such as paying your bills on time and financial reports all fall under the realm of bookkeeping. Along with the title comes some basic bookkeeping lingo that you should be aware of as a business professional. When it comes to the basics of bookkeeping you will find: cash (receipts and disbursements), accounts receivable (money due from customers), inventory (products to sell), accounts payable (bills to pay), loans payable (bills from items you bought on loan), sales (track incoming revenue), purchases (goods that you bought), payroll expenses (your employees pay checks), owners’ equity (how much each owner puts into the business), and retained earnings (company’s profits that are reinvested into the business).

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What Industries Need Bookkeeping?


Basic bookkeeping is very necessary to all industries as this is the only way in which they can account for their expenditures. Do you know what bookkeeping entails? Bookkeeping mainly entails the keeping of the financial records of a company or a business.  Bookkeeping is important as its primary task entails keeping and maintaining accounting records, accounts payable and accounts receivable and other expenditures. This makes it easy to account for losses or profits of a company. Bookkeepers Melbourne are among the most experienced and competent bookkeepers in the world.


According to an overview that was carried out in 2008 by the labor statistics, there are over 2. 1 million people employed in the united states who work as accountants, bookkeepers, clerks or auditors. Nowadays the bookkeeping profession has changed because of technological advancement and it has now been computerized. Most bookkeeping activities are now done used a computerized mechanism for the purposes of authenticity, efficiency and security. Most of the bookkeeping industries now have specialized accounting, software, databases, spreadsheets and so forth for the purposes of completing some special jobs in the company.

Bookkeeping varies from one industry to the other

Most of the businesses today use bookkeeping for doing various things and this mainly depends on the kind of company or business that one is dealing with. The main reason why businesses use bookkeeping services is for keeping financial records that will be used to know whether a business met its needs or not. There are some businesses especially the smaller ones where the owner is the bookkeeper. There are other businesses that have complex bookkeeping mechanisms and these are the large businesses. Without proper keeping of financial records it’s hard for a company to know whether it’s operating on profits or losses. A good bookkeeper should be able to use computerized system in bookkeeping services.

Bookkeeping  vs.  Accounting

Do you know what bookkeeping and accounting entails? Bookkeeping is simply the process that entails recording of financial information or data of a company or business in a specified manner. Bookkeeping is clerical in nature but to be a good bookkeeper one must have the knowledge and be competent.  To understand accounting you must of all know what bookkeeping is all about because accounting picks from where bookkeeping has stopped. Some of the services that accounting offers are designing systems for the purposes of accuracy and giving financial information that are credible and reliable. Small businesses also need bookkeeping for the purposes of calculating tax and other reports.

Companies that employ bookkeepers

There are several companies that employ bookkeepers today among them are companies and businesses like colleges and universities, government agencies, lodging facilities, healthcare providers, retail and many others. Bookkeeping is very important because companies are able to know where they are heading financially and whether they are making profits or losses. Without bookkeeping most businesses or industries are likely to fail and make losses. If you need to know more about what industries need bookkeeping are www.bookkeeperco.com.au

Why Would One Hire Bookkeeper for Their Business?


Accounting is the most important process in any business may it be of an organization or an individual. The process of accounting in which one records the financial transactions including payments, purchases, sales and receipts, are handled with the help of a bookkeeper. I have a small service providing business and like any other business bookkeeping is very important to keep things under check.

Since I provide services myself along with a team of hired professionals, taking care of the accounting side has been literally impossible since last few months. To overcome that, I had to search for a bookkeepers Melbourne since that is where I am based at.

The reason to write this article is my way of sharing my experience with other small business owners. I used to manage the accounting side of my own business and frankly I never thought of hiring a professional hand. In the beginning it was quite exciting and I used to happily manage it even though it used to get quite difficult in term of time management. Slowly I started missing entries of ledger and then the bills would be misplaced somewhere and that would result in mismanaged accounts that would not telly the actual accounts.

These small mistakes went on for a few months until a blunder from my side resulted in a substantial loss. That forced me to hire an independent bookkeeper altogether.

Bookkeeper in Melbourne

I hired a bookkeeper from a professional such as www.bookkeeperco.com.au near our workshop. Initially I was worried if things will go well and according to my liking or not, but eventually I realised that the decision was one of the best decisions I made for the betterment of my business.

One thing that might be a surprise for you is that bookkeeper and accountant are two different processes. Bookkeeping is basically recording of transactions on day to day basis. A bookkeeper maintains record of daily purchases, payments, sales and all the receipts received or issued in a daybook.

An accountant on the other hand is responsible to form a report based on this daybook and different types of ledgers like customer, general and supplier ledger. So accountant’s reports of income statement and the balance sheet are based on all the recordings done by a bookkeeper on daily basis. Check here !

So, I believe if you are really looking for some solid bookkeeping of a business, you should hire a permanent bookkeeper rather than an accountant. Unless the accounting company with whom you are doing the contract will provide daily bookkeeping in the package.

With advances in technology on nearly daily basis, this not a surprise that now even bookkeeping has become quite advanced. The companies that are providing the bookkeeping services install software for the purpose of electronic bookkeeping. All one has to do is do entries on daily basis which are then handled by the service providing companies themselves.

This way a service providing company has less overhead cost of a  physically visiting www.bookkeeperco.com.au for bookkeeping which result in cost effective service providing.

When is the right time to hire a Bookkeeper or Accountant?


In case you maintain a business and are searching for an accounting arrangement, it’s imperative to begin by comprehension of who, what, when, where and how of your optimal situation. What is perfect for you may not be perfect for an alternate business type.


Experience comes in numerous shapes and sizes. You may believe that in case you have a small business, the experience you require from the Bookkeeper can be small also. There is nothing further from reality. You require as much experience as you can manage, on the grounds that extraordinary accounting and bookkeeping is instrumental in developing your business and expanding your benefits.

Experience does not generally rise to strong match, either. Somebody who has labored for a long time as low maintenance Bookkeeper for an arranging company, the experienced one,may not have the profundity and broadness you requirement for an early stage new business. When you begin searching for your answer, ensure you make a list of things to get of level, profundity, and type of experience you require.


The individual that is doing your accounting ought to have had some level of formal business and training for Bookkeeper. A business degree without anyone else does not qualify somebody to be an extraordinary clerk. Ensure the instruction level of your answer coordinates the requirements of your business, today and later on.

The Bookkeepers Melbourne are continually going to think 10 stages ahead, helping you forestall issues instead of simply helping you settle them. Somebody who has a formal bookkeeping training will comprehend arrangement, technique, methodology, strategies and morals. The informed accountant is going to need to develop with you and your business.


You are most likely not an accountant by yourself and you may not have the assets, learning, or longing to manage and check the work being finished by your present accounting arrangement. You may have a CPA, but paying them for oversight can be unreasonable. You should think about oversight. Read more in this post.

Oversight by Bookkeepers Melbourne has different levels. In case you utilize an accountant that does not have formal instruction or preparing, your requirement for oversight will be high. On the other hand, if your answer has bunches of particular experience and instruction, oversight will be more straightforward and less immoderate.

Working with an accounting service that has worked in oversight is an extraordinary approach to get the capacity for a small amount of the expense. Whatever you choose, toward the day’s end, you are in charge of the condition and precision of your books.

Keeping money Technology

In the 21st century, having the capacity to direct trade over the Internet is not only an extravagance, it is a need. Working with your bank and other outsider companies to pay charges and get installments is urgent to staying focused and strong. Having the capacity to get to your budgetary information online from www.bookkeeperco.com.au is currently a key part of maintaining a business. Ensure your accounting and bookkeeping arrangement is fit for leading your business online in a protected and secure way day in and day out.

Outsource Bookkeeping Company Saves Your Business from Financial Ruin

Bookkeepers can really ruin or save a business from financial ruin. That’s why it is important to make sure that the bookkeeping of your company is done correctly. However, if you don’t make sure that you are using the best bookkeeping company, then your business might be in some serious trouble. Here are some reasons on why an outsourcing bookkeeping company can save your business from financial ruin if you are using a trustworthy company:

Save money on the salary of an in-house bookkeeper

When you are using a great and trustworthy outsourcing bookkeeper in Melbourne, you will be able to save money. You will be able to save money on paying a high salary for the in-house bookkeeper.

Because every business should have a bookkeeper in Melbourne to make sure that the books are maintained, the company should always have a bookkeeper. Normally these bookkeepers are asking for a high salary. This is because they are experienced and qualify. However, not all the businesses can afford to pay high salaries to these qualified personnel.

However, if you are going to outsource the bookkeeping to a bookkeeping company, then you will have the experience and qualification that the business needs to grow. But, you will not need to pay the high salaries to get these services. You are only going to pay a monthly fee.read some stories from http://yourstory.com/2016/06/compliance-bookkeeping/

Has the expertise to assist you in any questions

When you as a business owner has outsource the bookkeeping to a company, you will be able to get any answers to your questions. It is important to have someone that you can go to when you’re running a business for the first time. And, if you don’t know something about the admin of your business, you can ask the outsourcing company that you hired.

They will always have the best answer for you, because they are experienced and are dealing with this type of work on a daily basis. You might not get the same, quality answer from your in-house bookkeeper, if you have one in your business.

Using experienced and qualified bookkeepers

Experienced and qualified bookkeepers are really expensive and normally get high salaries. There are only a few companies that are really able to hire these bookkeepers in Melbourne. And, if your business is still new, you will need to hire someone that doesn’t ask for a salary that’s too high. This means that you will get a bookkeeper that doesn’t have experience or the right qualifications.
Bookkeeping CompanyHowever, if you are outsourcing the bookkeeping to another company, you will get the best people handling the books of your business. These companies are able to hire the best people to ensure that their outsourcing company is the best in the business.

When you have an outsourcing bookkeeping company, they will ensure that you will never end up financially ruined. They will look after your business and make sure that the books are always updated. They will also ensure that the business’s tax returns are correctly and on time. There is no reason why a company should not outsource their bookkeeping to an outsourcing bookkeepers company in Melbourne.

Keeping the Bookkeeping Rate Low

Bookkeepers can be really expensive and can cost many businesses lots of money. Even, if bookkeeping is one of the most important things that every business should have, it doesn’t mean that you need to pay lots of money in order to have the best possible bookkeeper in your company. There are some great ways on how you can keep your bookkeeping costs as low as possible. Here are some of the way on how to keep bookkeeping rates as low as possible:

Hiring an outsourcing company

One of the most important and easiest ways on how to keep the costs of the bookkeeping in your company as low as possible, is to our source your bookkeeping.

By using a company for doing the books of the business, will really let you save a lot of money. Money that you can use for more important things. When you are using your own, private bookkeeper in Melbourne, you are going to pay a high salary, need to have the best software on the market and must ensure that your bookkeeper is up-to-date with the latest software. These are all things that cost any business some serious money. Conversely, outsourcing will allow you to save considerable on these expenses.

Send important information to bookkeeper early enough

If you are sending information to your bookkeeper too near the deadline for tax returns, you are going to pay more for their services. This is because they need to rush everything and even work overtime to get your tax return sorted out. The longer you delay, the more you are going to pay.

If you want to make sure that you’re going to save money with your bookkeeper, you need to send them all the necessary information at least 6 weeks before the deadline. Then, you will have the reassurance that they will finish on time and you will not need to pay extra fees because of the deadline.

Research before hiring a bookkeeper

Before you hire a bookkeeper in Melbourne, it is important to make sure that you’re doing your homework and research different companies. This will not only make sure that you are going to get the best possible bookkeeper, but it will also ensure that you are saving money.

BookkeepingYou will be able to find the cheapest, but most reliable bookkeeper when you are spending just a little time in doing research before you hire anyone. There are some bookkeepers out there that are reliable, but doesn’t ask for really high fees.get some news from http://chronicle.northcoastnow.com/2016/06/24/successors-parma-accuse-lorains-graham-sloppy-bookkeeping/

The one thing that every business owner knows, is that good bookkeepers are not only limited, and even if you find one, you are going to spend lots of money on paying for their ongoing services. This is money that you could have used to grow your business or to pay other expenses. But, if you know how to keep the bookkeeper’s rate low, you will be able to save money. Remember not only just hire a bookkeeper in Melbourne with the lowest rate, you should look at their service offerings and reliability too.